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Welcome to Johnny Concert, where you’ll have the privilege of reading me, Johnny, rant on about whatever I fancy when I sit down in front of this keyboard.  I’m a jazz musician with a blues soul and the rebellion of a rocker. I’m a generous young philanthropist with a millionaire’s mind, and a weakness for the ladies.

Feel free to comment on any of my rants, or email directly at johnny (at) I try to answer all fan mail as quickly as possible, ask me about concerts, the music business in general, or hit me up with what kinds of topics you’d like to get my opinion on.

I Like Gifts. Period.

Manly Gifts for Men

Nothing gets Johnny more excited than the thoughtfulness of the ladies, but one recent gift really stood out. Johnny has never given any thought to gift baskets for men as a gift idea, but hey,it works!  Plenty of good foods, spicy gifts, coffee and other tasty items that are not what you find in frilly baskets designed for the fairer sex.

Absolutely worth having a look for yourself and see if it fits your tastes or for someone on your father’s day or thank you list. Heck anytime is a good time to let someone know you’re thinking about them.  And to the special lady that sent one to Johnny, I’ll be seeing you soon!

Core Workouts Keep Johnny Looking Good!

If its one thing that Johnny knows, its that getting your abs in shape gives you a physique that is both attractive and healthy, and the ladies know this!

Any valuable abdominal exercises will the appearance of physical fitness without spending ridiculous amounts of hours at the gym.  Get in touch with the first rate source for free online information to get those abs ready for summer.  Diet and exercise are the best way to get in shape, instead of using weight loss medications that may or may not work.  Great abs can be obtained, by spending smart time planning and executing your workouts.  Stop by to learn more.

Local Plumbers

Local Plumbing Professionals

Johnny had a bad experience recently with one of the backstage washrooms.  Fortunately staff were able to call Hinsdale plumbers to the scene to make quick repairs andPlumbing Services avert a disaster (and it was NOT my fault!). Their website at gave us a quick link to an emergency plumbing service that resolved the issue quick by dispatching a licensed plumber to the scene in no time flat.  Rock on, Hinsdale Plumbers!

For the Kids!

For the Kids!

Johnny can not tell you how absolutely tired I am of using ‘for the kids’ as an excuse for _______________.

However – in this case it warrants attention.  The Paxil lawsuit folks are drawing attention to birth defects from Paxil medication.everybody loves kids

Birth defects are are a very serious subject, and I apologize from taking away from our usually light and entertaining blog posts, but this is something that really does need more attention.  Please have a visit to the Paxil class action lawsuit website to learn more.

Note that Johnny is not taking sides with anyone here, but the suggested data does indicate that those who are pregnant or at least considering becoming pregnant should consult their physician as a measure of caution IF they are using anti-depressants.